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598 $mon

Payment Methods:

Visa, MasterCard, cash, cashless payments, installment

Regression Grid


4,7% Aggressive

1,8% Deviation

With the robot you get:

  • Set the robot on your VPS-server (or we provide a VPS-server)
  • Full support robot trading 24/7
  • Full description of the robot settings
  • Timely updates to the latest versions
  • 6 months of free quant of support
  • Personal account manager to answer your questions

Money back

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* In accordance with the terms of the refund policy


Free VPS server for a month when buying a robot.

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Regression Grid TRADE STRATEGY

Regression Grid - a robot that uses invariant approach to finding entry points, using mathematical methods for evaluating their quality for the analysis of inputs and outputs from the position so as to always set a lower threshold of profitability of orders at the level of break-even, and the top, depending on the market situation its volatility and specificity.

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Entry points: the robot receives the entry point from the 5 trading robots, namely Regression expert (trend trading), Absorption (trade on the classic figures of technical analysis), Divergence (trade on the classic figures of technical analysis), Lazy Trader (robot, using the fundamentals of the market analysis) and Envelopes (the use of standard deviations from the average market indicators), sets the original take-profit and stop-loss at the level of the pending order sets in the other side of twice the lot. This makes the robot highly flexible in trade, as the strategy is very diversified and have different trade-oriented. If at one point in a signal from more than one trading robot, Regression Grid analyzes comparing the expected return to the hazards and create a rank table. Thus, the input can be simultaneously carried out by the algorithm only one auxiliary work. Regression Grid also makes an analysis comparing the best currency pairs each of support robots, thereby adding another vector of objective assessment in the rank table. currency pairs analysis is carried out in parallel, that is, on one currency pair can trade one algorithm, on the other - the second and so on.

Trade Process: Option 1: the price moves in the direction of take profit - fixed income;
Option 2: the price crosses the level where there is a pending reverse order - then the robot sets the take profit, taking into account the average monthly volatility, adjusted to the distance that the price has already passed, and the set a pending order in the opposite direction at twice the distance of the price. That is, if the initial order was for the purchase of 0.01 lot, opened the second at a distance of conditional stop loss with 0.02 lot for sale, set a take profit at a distance of 2 "steps" grid and pending order to buy lot 0 04 at a distance of one "step" of the first transaction. It specifies the level of minimum income, which is expected from the network (set by the investor) in percentage of the initial deposit. If after the second transaction in the netting out profits that exceeds the minimum percentage doubled, the first at a distance of minimum income set a trailing stop and moves with the price. This allows you to quickly shut down the grid and never actually gain last more than 3-order. This strategy assumes that the entry points, even if the price trend has not yet been determined, in the short term, will form the local trend of the price at which the order will be closed in profit. To the grid is not "hold" a long period of time, except for the trailing previously assumed and a small width of the grid orders. At the same time in order to reduce the load on the deposit if the robot for any of the currencies already opens 4th knee, then on other currency pairs, where there are no open orders trading ceases.

In this case Regression Grid confident trades in the market able to break-even. The image shows an example where the two orders was open and visible distance up networks that have not been opened since the robot closed the trailing stop.

Testing results

FEATURES of Trading Robot

  • Using a hidden level stop-loss and take-profit, invisible for the broker
    (Used with conventional t / p and s / l);
  • 5 different options for market entry
  • Filter sideways
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  • Customized system push-notifications for employees quantum-support
    (For timely identification of faults)
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Trading on several instruments
  • Do not depend on the selected broker
  • Automatic regulation of the grid, based on market volatility
    (For quick closing of the grid)
  • Billing to stop out in the work
  • Smart Grid orders, which works with the help of pending orders
  • In the case of restarting the terminal, Robot "picks up" the current position

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Frequently asked Questions

Do I need programming skills to create robots?

No! Everything is already programmed instead you. At the same time, all robots are very flexible. You will be able to change the parameters that the robot trades by simply setting the checkmarks and numbers in the required fields. The intuitively understandable robot interface makes it possible to flexibly change the settings in seconds.

Why do you sell the robots, if they make profitable trades?

In the basic principles of our algorithms there are no secrets - they are generally known without us, but for those who were previously interested in algorithmic trading. We only help to realize the automation of trading ideas for those who want to simplify the process of trading, but do not know where to begin.

I paid a robot, what are my next steps?

After confirming the payment, the instruction on the steps necessary to get your robot will come to your e-mail address, that was specified.

How much will I earn with your trading robots?

With our trading robots you can earn from 1% to 60% per month from your deposit. It all depends on what degree of risk you will choose for yourself. The highest risks can be 50-70% per month from the deposit.

By purchasing the robot now, do I get further possible updates and technical support?

Yes! If the updates, within the purchased robot, are - you will get them for free. Also you can always ask us your question or report a problem - we will gladly help you!

How can I get support?

If you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected] or call +7 (499) 112 47 97, +38 (067) 242 43 95

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