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Refund Policy

The company TSI Analytics Group guarantees a full refund for certain kinds of purchased services on demand of the Client (hereinafter - the warranty period), subject to the Customer`s terms and requirements of this policy.

The warranty period for the course, consisting of a series of individual webinar / video lessons is 8 days, provided that the total number of Webinars / Video lessons, access to which is actually provided to the Client, shall not exceed 25% of the total volume of the Course.

The warranty period for analytical support services is 5 days from the date of payment, including, if the customer has actually started to provide this service.

At the time of buying a trading robot, warranty period is one month from the moment of the robot connection, provided that the total return (line "balance" on the platform) will be less during this period, or 0.

ДTo make an application for cash refund for certain services, please contact the technical support department by writing to the e-mail: [email protected]. All applications are reviewed within 24 hours.

Refunds will be available when you specify the statement to return the following data:
- Surname, name and patronymic name of the payer;
- Surname, name and patronymic of the card holder;
- transaction number;
- The date of the transaction;
- Order number (account).

Returns are non-cash method: - on the customer`s card or a bank account from which the payment was made the order - by transferring the necessary amount for one of the electronic wallets (WebMoney, Yandex), from which the payment was made. Return to the account if the payment was made with the electronic purse, or on the wallet, if the payment was from the account is not allowed.

The transfer of funds to a bank card is made within 15 calendar days after the decision to return. Return of funds is carried out in the amount minus all fees payment systems.

This policy Refund is an integral part of the Customer Agreement. The terms and definitions provided in this policy, comply with the same terms and definitions of the Customer Agreement, unless specifically stipulated in the text of this policy.

TSI Analytics Group.