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trading pro

Trading recommendations
for financial markets

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They publish us

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To whom it could be interesting:

Beginning traders

You can make money on financial market while studying our course.

Experienced traders

You receive a filter for your trading system, which reduces time for market analysis.

Passive investors

You will get a similar to asset management service, where only you control your risks and capital on your account.

What are trading signals from Trading PRO?

They are complete trading recommendations with entry and exit levels.

Analytics from TSI find trading opportunities every day and share signals that include:

  • -ticker of trading instrument (only popular and liquid instruments)
  • - entry and exit levels (only pending orders).

On the average we publish 6 trading recommendation in a trading day.

Our trading strategy includes individual opinion on the market from every specialist in analytics department. That creates a diversified portfolio to maximize the commercial result.


commodity and
stock market

1-2 days

Holding of short-term positions

2 weeks

Holding medium-term positions


TakeProfit/StopLoss ratio

What is Trading PRO?


Short-term trading signals (from 4 to 8 signals per day)


Medium-term investment ideas ( 1-2 per day)


Investment portfolios


Informational support from TSI Analytics traders


Possibility to communicate with independent traders

Trading signals results

From July to November 2016

Our results are open to public investors.


Maximal drawdown

Profit factor

Get free access to personal trader`s area
for 14 days

External sources of our results

The best proof
of our results – statistics on independent sources

How it works

Access your personal
trader`s area

Receive trading recommendations every day

Set pending orders on your trading account

Make money on financial markets

How does It look inside?

TSI PRO desktop
Trading ideas
Investment portfolios

Our advantages

We are not a broker. Our goal is to improve your trading results

Selection of trading recommendations, based on customer reque sts. (We will select the optimal trading specifications for your trading account)

Free access to our results. Signals are published in independent sources

Control of risks. Our trading is under control of our risk management department

Personal management of your funds in no time with our team of analysts

Absolute support of every trading operation


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